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Meghani Insurance Group provides comprehensive auto insurance for businesses in Texas.

How Commercial Auto Insurance helps

Here’s how commercial auto insurance can benefit your business:

Provides better coverage for commercial vehicles

Personal car insurance does not usually cover commercial risks that come with your business. Besides covering damage and loss due to accidents, theft, or vandalism, you can customize your policy for a more comprehensive coverage that fits your business’ needs.

Protects not just the car but people and property

Commercial vehicles need more protection. Besides covering damage, loss, and injury towards yourself, your passengers, properties and pedestrians involved in an accident, commercial auto insurance also protects everything your vehicle transports for your business.

Provides higher insurance limits

Driving commercial vehicles has more risks than driving personal cars. Commercial auto insurance ensures you have higher limits to cover larger liabilities or expenses due to accidents.

How Commercial Auto Insurance works

Commercial Auto Insurance protects you, your passengers, your vehicle, and your business from different work-related incidents while driving your commercial vehicle. Whether it’s a vehicle or property damage, loss, or injury, our commercial auto insurance ensures you keep your business from significant losses.

Commercial Auto Insurance covers collision damages on your car

Get compensated for any damages towards your commercial vehicle due to collision, whether the accident is caused by you or not. A commercial auto insurance includes payments for repairs needed on your crashed or damaged vehicle.

Commercial Auto Insurance covers damages to other properties

Commercial auto insurance also provides coverage for any damages to other people’s properties if you or your business vehicle is at fault.

Commercial Auto Insurance provides medical payments and personal injury protection

Commercial auto insurance pays for any medical expenses, whether the injured parties are yourself and your passengers, or other people (and you are at fault).

Commercial Auto Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for non-collision causes

Aside from accident-related incidents, a commercial auto insurance also provides comprehensive coverage for non-collision causes such as fire, flood, theft, or vandalism.

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Commercial auto insurance coverage

Commercial auto insurance has greater coverage than personal auto insurance. Here are some of its inclusions:

Commercial Auto Insurance cost

The average commercial auto insurance cost may vary depending on your coverage. Talk to a Meghani IG advisor to discuss your options.

Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance

Enroll in a commercial auto insurance policy and enjoy the following benefits:

Commercial Auto Insurance Saves You Money in the Long Run

Business vehicles require higher limits because of the greater risk of damages and losses while on the road. Commercial auto insurance can help cover greater damages and even cover expensive legal, medical, and labor costs that your personal car insurance cannot.

Commercial Auto Insurance Protects You and Your Passengers

Commercial auto insurance is not just intended to protect your vehicle but everyone onboard your vehicle during the accident. This minimizes any medical expenses that can reach thousands of dollars.

Commercial Auto Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

With commercial auto insurance, you protect your vehicle and your business from incidents that threaten your properties and finances. Knowing this, you can achieve peace of mind, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead.

Commercial auto insurance cost

The average cost of commercial auto insurance may vary depending on your coverage. Talk to a Meghani Insurance Group advisor to discuss your options.

Why Choose Meghani Insurance Group for your Commercial Auto Insurance in Texas?

Every day there are at least 17,000 reported car crashes in the United States. Here’s why you should choose Meghani Insurance Group for your commercial auto insurance needs in Texas:

You can customize your terms and coverage

While we offer a basic commercial auto insurance package for businesses within the same industry, not all businesses’ needs are the same. Here at Meghani Insurance Group, you can request a customized policy that fits your unique business risks and needs. You can also request for additional coverages for your specific needs.

Our advisors are trained and certified to give you the best advice

We make sure you only get the best financial advice. Our advisors here at Meghani Insurance Group are committed to only providing solutions that fit your business needs best. They are trained and licensed financial advisors, and they understand the ins and outs of state laws on insurance policies.

We take the time to understand your business and your industry

Our advisors here at Meghani Insurance Group take the time to examine your industry, your vehicle, and their accompanying risks so we can help you identify the gaps in your existing policy and provide you with better solutions.

We prioritize your needs

We aim to prioritize your peace of mind. With a commercial auto insurance policy that covers all your business vehicle needs, you won’t have to worry about the cost of damages and losses related to your car anymore.


Commercial auto insurance covers the cost of damages, loss, and injury when a business vehicle is involved in a collision or an accident.

Any business or company that owns a vehicle for business purposes must secure a commercial auto insurance, even if you’re not driving, or even if you use it as a personal vehicle as well.

Commercial auto insurance is required in the state of Texas (and almost all states in the country), so you can face severe penalties for not owning one. Fines can go up to $175 and the state may even impound your vehicle for repeated offense.

It can also be very expensive to pay damages and loss when any of your business vehicles is at fault and you don’t have a commercial auto insurance. Medical bills, lost wages, and other costs can go up to at least six digits.

Any vehicle used in a business can be covered by commercial auto insurance.