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Customized Personal Insurance

Shield yourself from life’s surprises with tailored personal insurance plans from Meghani Insurance Group.

Customizable Solutions for Every Life Event

From protecting your health to securing your assets, Meghani Insurance Group will offer the best solution and perfect fit for you and your needs.
Protect your home and belongings from various risks, including fires, theft, natural disasters and more.

Experience comprehensive protection for your condo and your personal property from notable insurance carriers.

Add an extra layer of protection for your personal and financial assets that extends beyond your standard insurance policies.

Auto insurance is required in all states. Get coverage from top-tier carriers that pay claims in a timely manner.

Increase coverage for certain valuable items such as jewelry, fine art, cameras, computers, fire arms, and musical instruments. This extra coverage is beneficial when your standard home insurance only offers limited coverage for these valuable items.

Home insurance does not cover residences that are not occupied by their owners. Landlord insurance helps protect the property you rent out to others by covering property damage, rental income loss due to temporary inhabitability, and liability protection.

Protect your personal belongings when renting your apartment or home from unexpected events, including theft, fire, etc.

Injury, extreme weather, and problems with vendors may cost you a lot of money during your special day. Get extra protection specifically for special events such as weddings, so you are compensated well for your loss.

Protect yourself, your luggage, and even your health while you travel. Travel insurance covers travel risks such as stolen luggage and even unexpected medical bills abroad.

How our Personal Insurance Works

Our advisors here at Meghani Insurance Group can help you customize your personal insurance to cover your different needs unique to you.

Maximize Your Protection: The Advantages of Personal Insurance

Start your insurance journey today with MIG and enjoy the following benefits:

Shield Yourself from Unexpected Expenses

No more having to worry about that unexpected storm or burglary. We will make sure you are covered!

Provide Extra Security

Accidents and illnesses can happen. Having the right insurance coverage can ensure you and your family members are protected when you need it.

Gain Financial Protection

Our personal insurance products compensate you for income loss from an unexpected accident and get you back on your feet.

Peace of Mind

Go to sleep at night knowing that you do not need to fear the unknown anymore!

We have the right personal insurance products for you.

Get the protection you and your family needs from Meghani Insurance Group.

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Our team of experts will learn your risks and budget to put together a proposal that is unique to your needs.

Personal Protection Starts With a Trusted Advisor

An insurance expert will walk you through step by step on what to expect in your insurance policy.

Here’s why you should choose Meghani Insurance Group for your personal insurance needs:

Customize Your Coverage

Our team has access to many carriers and markets, allowing our clients to have access to several coverage types. 

Licensed Advisors

Our MIG advisors are committed to providing viable solutions that fit your personal needs. They are trained and licensed insurance professionals that understand the ins and outs of insurance policy language.

Understand Your Needs

We take the time to evaluate your needs rather than offering you a cliche policy. Taking time to accurately understand your risks is key to a sound insurance policy.

Value Your Time

We know you are busy taking care of your family and working your job. Our team will respect your time and be efficient in our responses.