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Group Benefits Insurance

At Meghani Insurance Group, we understand the value of your employees. Provide them with a high-quality package benefits package that will cover them and their family.

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Our utmost goal is to provide you with an experience complete with a sense of ease and security that you pass on to your employees through our Group Benefits Insurance.

How Group Benefits Helps You

Providing top-tier coverage for your employees benefits both your employees and your business. Here’s how:

Attract the Best and Brightest

Employers realize that excellent benefits packages can play a significant role in attracting top talent to their company, as it displays a commitment to the well-being of their employees.

Retain Your Top Performers

Well-constructed group benefit packages play a crucial role in retaining employees, as it fosters a positive company culture and reduces turnover.

Improve Employee Morale

Your employees must feel protected and valued to work at their best.

How Group Benefits Work

Creating a Group Benefits package is not a one size fits all practice. Our advisors will learn about your company and employees’ wants & needs before creating a proposal for your review.

Eligibility Criteria

Our firm can offer services to companies of all sizes Whether you have two employees or two hundred employees, our team will provide you with the VIP treatment.

Employee Demographics

In tailoring your policy, we consider your employee demographics to develop a proposal that your employees surely need and want.

Number of Employees

The number of employees may affect your group benefits insurance rates and coverage. However, Meghani Insurance Group lets you customize your group insurance policy according to your employees’ and company’s needs.

Other Factors

There could be other factors we may consider in developing the package that fits your company best. However, we take the time to consider all factors to come up with not only the best benefits but also the lowest rate possible that we can offer.

At Meghani Insurance Group

We are committed to helping your employees live a healthy and financially secure life. Our team of medical experts will put together a customized package specified for your needs.

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Group Benefits Insurance We Offer

Combine insurance products to develop a comprehensive package that would benefit your employees in many aspects of their lives.

Group disability insurance provides income protection to your employees, whether short-term or long-term disability.

Meghani Insurance Group assists your employees with their dental care needs.

Meghani Insurance Group provides financial assistance to employees in case of an accident.

Meghani Insurance Group helps employees overcome financial challenges when diagnosed with a critical illness.

Meghani Insurance Group protects your employees against financial loss when disability to work arises

Meghani Insurance Group provides services such as implementation of benefits, employee education and enrollment.

Meghani Insurance Group protects your employees’ beneficiaries in case of the member’s death.

Meghani Insurance Group assists your employees with their vision care needs.

Looking for Group Benefits Insurance?

At Meghani Insurance Group, we specialize in group benefit plans and help employers design and administer employee benefits.

Benefits of Group Benefits Insurance

Meghani Insurance Group put together these benefits that would meet the needs of your company and your people:

Group Benefits Insurance Protect your Employees

The priority of Group benefits Insurance is to protect your employees. This assures them that your company values their service, thus resulting in your employees appreciating their work more and being more committed to you.

Group Benefits Insurance Builds your Integrity

Protecting your employees speaks a lot about your company’s character. It shows compassion and credibility. This helps build employees’ and even investors’ trust in your company.

Group Benefits Insurance Saves you Money

With the risk being shared among many people, insurance prices are reduced when a large group is covered.

Tailored to Perfection

Maximize your business potential, enhance employee satisfaction, attract and retain top talent, and improve your bottom line!

Your Go-To For Employees’ Medical Benefits

Meghani Insurance Group’s team of consultants will work aside you from beginning to end to create a benefits package suited for your needs. Here’s how we do it:

Create Lasting Relationships

Our emphasis is to build a strong relationship with you during the process to ensure your needs are met while also earning your trust and loyalty. By taking the time to understand your unique requirements, we can deliver a customized package that sets your business apart from the competition.

Customizable Coverage

Every employer comes with unique needs. By offering flexible and personalized solutions, we ensure our clients receive the protection and benefits they need to succeed.

Trained and Certified Advisors

Our dedicated team of trained and certified advisors are one call away to provide you the insight you need. With many years of experience under their belt, the MIG team holds itself to a high standard of excellence.

Prioritizing Your Needs

Our goal is to take care of you and your employees. We will diligently listen and respond to your needs so you can continue running and scaling your business.


Common benefits in a group medical benefits package include medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, as well as wellness programs/
The employer typically pays a portion of the premium and employees may also contribute through payroll deductions.
This can vary based on the plan selected. Some plans have networks of preferred providers while others allow employees to see any doctor they choose.